At New Life Bible Church, we offer adult classes on Sundays at 8:30am in order to educate our members on a wide variety of topics. This semester, we are offering two classes: Basic Theology (January - March) and Got Questions? (March-May). Both courses are 8 weeks long.

Basic Theology

This class is designed to teach you how to read and study the Bible. Discussions will cover the basic definition of theology (the study of God) and the best approach to discovering a correct and useful theology, as well as the many varying methods that people use in order to determine what they believe about God.

Are you attending this class and missed a session? You can find a link to the slides for each class below!









Got Questions?

This class is designed to answer some of the toughest questions that are asked about Christianity. Some of the questions included are: Does God exist? Did Jesus exist and was he the son of God? Do miracles exist? Is the Bible actually reliable? The class covers many more questions that are helpful for those who are confident in their faith as well as those who are looking for answers to some of life's toughest questions!

Are you attending this class and missed a session? You can find a link to the slides for each class below!