The Church is called a home because it is a family. A place that welcomes people from every season of life, no matter their history or where they come from. A place to connect and share life together. It is a place that whispers to every heart "Welcome Home".  We've been waiting for you!

You're no longer wandering exiles. This kingdom of faith is now your home and...you're no longer strangers or outsiders. You belong here!   - Ephesians 2:19 MSG (para)



New Life is a place where everyone can BELONG to family. Jesus was clear that the message of the gospel is for “all nations”, so we strive to make New Life a place where everyone feels welcomed. Not only will you feel welcomed, but you will also find this to be a place where you can belong. Where you experience the community, fellowship, and love of family. The love of God has transformed our lives, and our mission is to extend God’s love to all people.


New Life is a place where everyone is invited to BELIEVE in Jesus. You are certainly welcomed to belong before you believe, but we will always teach God’s word with truth and boldness. Each time we come together the scripture will reveal that God loves you and desires relationship with you and that by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His substitutionary sacrifice in our place we can have eternal fellowship with God.


New Life is a place where everyone who believes in Jesus will BECOME His disciples. We desire to provide you with many opportunities for growth. Those who believe in Jesus are following Him with the desire to be more like Him. The Holy Spirit reminds us of Jesus’ teaching and equips and empowers us to live for Christ and build up the body of believers. We want to give you the tools to pair with spirit-empowered surrender to God’s sovereign rule in your life for His glory.